Diablo 3 ranking field missing

Hi, I just want to report that the field for “HeroBattleTag” is missing from the data array.

The bug also seems to affect the rankings on the official website.

I just can confirm this issue. I am not sure if we have to call the “getHeroApi” to get the name of a character from the leaderboards. But this would mean we don’t need 1 API-Call to get the information for a Top1000 Leaderboard. No, we need to call 1001 times, b/c we would have to call for each rank the getHeroApi. That’s not such a good deal … :wink:

Btw. this getHeroApi seems to be broken. I wasn’t able to get anythin else than 404 by calling it.

I can confirm this field was still available tuesday so i don’t think it was meant to be removed.

As for the 404, it seems there were some changes recently that requires a login/out of the game to update the data.

I did a small error. I tried to use the accountId to call the getApiHero/getApiAccount. I didn’t look at the description of the parameter. It still requires the BTag to return data. In this case learderboards are broken w/o alternative way. :confused: