Diablo 3 "ghost" monsters . wtf?!

I’m getting every 3 or 4th rift a ghost monster.
i can’t hit it.
it stays in the instance.
but it can damage me and it prevents, for example, getting gem levels
it’s REALLY annoying and an obvious bug.

is there a fix ?

  1. This forum is to give feedback about Blizzard’s support website
  2. The Diablo III forums are here… https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/
  3. There you’d find the Bug Report subforum
  4. There you’d find the stickied thread Player List of Known Issues
  5. At number 7 on that list you’d find…

7. Unkillable monsters. This is also random and long standing. No work around.

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thanks very much.
could not figure out how to get the D3 forum.
Best save a link.