Diablo 3 down all servers

no one able to join diablo 3 games and this idiotic site won’t let you create a new “category”.


do you know whats going on ? why we cant play ?

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Also having the issue. No one in our clan can create games.

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I’m getting “There was a problem creating the game. (code 1)”

yes same here , wierd blizzard did not say anything about it yet its been like that for like the past hour

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Most only be you guys I was playing just fine

well theres a bunch of ppl that are unable to play , all my friends or clan cant play , if your already in game thats probably why , if you quit the game ur in , you wont be able to get in another one , thats what happen with me anyway i was playing , needed to do a New game , went in lobby to create one , and nothing was working anymore

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It’s just history repeating itself. At the close of D2, when they were selling us on D3, the servers all went to crap.

Now the D4 pre-sale, and anticipated launch of it, once again the servers go to crap.

Just wait for the next step, remember when D3 started? patch after patch, glitch after glitch. D4 will be the same.

I just a saw a message in the Blizzard Launcher. “We are investigating an issue that is causing problems in game creation.”

Seems like they saw our posts and are working on it.

prolly because of the gibbering stone mass game creations

code 1。 hearthstone as well

It’s working for me now.

It is both D3 and Hearthstone. It appears they are working on it.

The main thread for D3 is on the D3 forums under Tech Support.


nice , for me its still not working

I can’t join public game on torment XVI. Gives me error code 24004

Also having the same issue.


The main topic for this error is on the Diablo III forums… here:

You can post there and/or follow it for updates.