Diablo 3 API Missing Items?

Hi All,

I’ve been looking at the community APIs to see if I can get a list of all legendary items.

It looks like there are some items missing but I wanted to check if I’m making a mistake.

My current process is

  1. Make a request to get all the item type index: https://eu.api.blizzard.com/d3/data/item-type?locale=en_GB&access_token=xxxx
  2. Iterate over each type to get the items within, for example, https://eu.api.blizzard.com/d3/data/item-type/helmmonk?locale=en_GB&access_token=xxxx
  3. Output a list of names from the response

As I mentioned, I’ve noticed a few items missing, e.g. Inna’s Radiance never appears either in a subset of only item types containing the word helm or in the full set.

Any assistance is much appreciated, thanks!

Just in case it’s useful, for the helm subset these are all the item types I requested, I get 79 items back: