Diablo 3 API Broken when season begin

Every time when new season begin, the API goes broken.
e.g. /d3/profile :
https : // tw. api. blizzard .com /d3/profile/Dustin%231485/?locale=zh_TW&access_token=xxxxx

Even official site gives a internal error 500…
https : // tw . diablo3 . com /zh-tw/profile/nitro-31983/hero/88424676

It’s really confuse users. Please fix it as soon as possible…


Same for US profiles.

https : // us . diablo3 . com / en-us / profile / roncli-1818 /

This gives a 500.

When using the Diablo API, I receive 500 500 Internal Server Error Downstream Error and it is not possible to download the profiles.

It’s always like this at the start of a new season and they know it. I doubt it will be fixed…