Diablo 2 you were disconnected from battle.net please reconnect

not sure whats going on when i try to log into battlenet i get this message. “you were disconnected from battle.net please reconnect” i use no cheats nor do i use a vpn i really have no idea whats going on i just moved here recently and maybe thats somehow related to the issue? please if anyone knows of a fix i would be super appreciative as the next ladder reset is surely coming soon.

The servers are down again.

have they been down for like 3 weeks? just wondering because i tried about 3 weeks ago and had same issue if this is the case im still sad but more hopeful that i will be able to play without any issues on ladder reset

There could be many things that are causing this for your. Server being down for maintenance, internet connection behind a VPN, using a 3rd party program, etc.

hmmm i’m not sure i use no 3rd party software just the basic launcher nor do i use a vpn anyone have a fix for this i’m still having the same issue

Same here man, NO cheats nothing.

It is utter BS that they want to “keep bots down” when the game is literally 98% bots. Blizzard knows damn well without the bots buying CD keys, they would have no revenue from d2 LoD.

To continue to use a false reality on the matter of bots… and say their security measure has helped is dumbfounding.

I have used 0 hacks, 0 mods, no business IP, no VPN and it is all blizzard falls back on.

With this mentality we get a glimpse of what the Remaster is going to be like… and something is telling me it is going to be like WC3.

Save problem here, just tried to connect with some old keys i had.
it downloaded an update and then i get:
Can they add a more clearer error? at least i whould know what’s the issue