Diablo 2 - VPN Ban

Hi, I think I was recently banned for using a VPN on diablo 2… I’ve tried running as an admin, uninstalling and reinstalling d2 and other various fixes I’ve seen in other posts. But I still get the message you have been disconnected from battle.net please reconnect. I was wondering how long this ban will last? I’ve tried logging in multiple times and hear that can extend the ban as well? When can I play my beautiful level 14 sorceress again D: ? I was playing last night with my friend.


Same thing happened to me, ive given them tons of money throughout the years but I get a 2 week ban (that they enforce to ridiculous levels) for forgetting to turn off my VPN?

This is unacceptable behavior from such a large company, we all need to work together to make this stop so for any lurkers here who see this give them a terrible review, do something. speak up!


Yeah this is totally ridiculous.


Its not even me getting banned thats got me pissed off.

Its seeing how many other have the same problem and get straight the **** up ignored.


Same here, I did a fresh install last night but didn’t know having my VPN on would trigger a ban.

Digging through old forum posts I’ve seen mods tell people they were banned for 24hr / 48hr / and even for 14 days. Hopefully a mod might see this post and tell all of us how long our ban is for… in 2019 it looked like a VPN ban was 48 hours.


I’ve talked to alot of people about it on a couple different discords and the general consensus is 2 week ban.

Im on day 4, still banned. first offense.

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Yikes, then its probably the full 14-days :confused:

Like most I’ve seen on this forum, I’m surprised Blizzard isn’t coming back to give better support to Diablo 2 classic since they just announced D2 resurrection.


Make a thread and complain about it.

All we can do is hope someone that works for Blizzard and isnt just a random mod sees this and takes action.

The game literally couldnt have a worse bot problem and the legit players are suffering from this unfair BS bigtime.
Its obviously an easy fix, I bet they could fix it in a couple hours. (change from 2 weeks to 1 hour, prolly just 1 line of code…)

Its inexcusable

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There’s no action to take, dbs.

I replied to your duplicate post in the D2 forum, but for those here:


not entirely correct. when resurrected is released, the old servers will be shut down. the disc version will then be playable only in single player and on lan. they can never shut down those anyway, as they are local.

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It is correct for D2. Bliz is going to leave the D2 legacy servers intact.

no, no, no and no. the old servers will be shut down and new servers will be established. both versions(SD and HD) will run on the new servers.

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I refuse to believe this cannot be fixed, to say so is ridiculous to anyone who knows anything.

I’m not just going to sit back and get banned for 2 weeks because I forgot to turn off my VPN.
I see the same thing happen to so many other players, this is unacceptable.

You can fix it and you will fix it because your customers are being treated unfairly. This is how a business operates.

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This isnt my thread. Its yet another player with the same issue that is being ignored.

Sorry, your duplicate post. I’ll fix that above.

They are not going to move the legacy game over to the new Bnet. Besides, if they did there would be two almost identical copies of the game there.

They are leaving the legacy servers and game as they are now.

why fix what they will shut down? the new servers is a different story, they might not have the issue. you do not need to buy a new license to use SD graphics. just register your current key on your profile.

Fix what they will shut down in 9 months because a large amount of people are being punished for no reason and will continue to be.

They are not shutting down the Diablo 2 (2000) an LoD (2001) servers. Those will stay exactly as they are.

If someone wants to play D2 R with the new graphics they will have to buy the new game. They can NOT use their old key.

You are right in that the Developers could change the software in which case the restriction could be removed. However, that restriction is currently intentional and controlled by the server anti cheat software. It is it automatic and CS can’t remove it for you.

I want it removed for everyone, not just for me. I want people to be able to appeal this.
I used to think very highly of Blizzard customer service. I had multiple good experiences with them.
This situation has ruined that for me and alot of others as well and its unfortunate.


I understand what you want. I am telling you the game Devs disagree with you. They do not want VPNs used on the old Bnet servers.

This is not the fault of CS though. The VPN ban is hard coded into the server software. CS has no tools to change it and the Devs want it that way.

CS really is not at fault for the anti cheat software decisions that were made for old Bnet servers.