Diablo 2 (USEast) - Waiting lines to start games, erratic pings

This is the first season that I’ve played where there are long lines to start games and experience highly erratic ping times. The worst case scenario that I’ve seen so far is a wait time as long as 5 minutes just to start a game. When the wait times are long, the ping time is often highly erratic, ranging anywhere from 30ms to over 300ms which of course makes the game unplayable. I’ve monitored my connection while this is going on, and everything is fine on my end.

The problem seems most common on weekends.

Can something be done about this? Thanks.

Edit: It’s also worth noting that when this is happening, it feels just like it did during this seasons reset “hiccup”.

What do you think thay can do with a blizzard north game besides nothing it’s nothing

This wasn’t a problem last season, yet it is now… So obviously something was changed. Thanks for your irrelevant response.

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I was excited to finally return to Diablo 2 after years, because the recent announcement of Diablo 4 made me reminisce, but as I came back into the game it definitely isn’t what it used to be. I’ve experienced those queues and connection instabilities as well. Sad :’(

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Can I please get some feedback on this problem? It seems like there hasn’t been any devs responding to any inquiries for the past week or two.

ya i sometimes get waiting line useast too. but so far only in the hundreds. europe is about the same, or maybe a bit laggier for me, but asia i always get 8k+… us west is smoothest for me, never seen a line here. i mainly play on uswest and useast.

is there a way to see the current population of logged in chars per server? something like on the main menu of star craft 1

This is an annoying issue, but its tertiary after the Fail to Create, Fail to join, Game is full when its not issues that are plaguing this game since reset time.