Diablo 2 Update Wish List

With the buzz on the potential of a remaster/resurrected version of Diablo 2, I thought I’d start a wish list for changes to Diablo 2.

Low and mid-tier unique and set items:
Anyone who’s played Diablo 2 knows what I’m talking about here… You start a new character, you get up to level 40 and you find a piece of a set or a unique for someone who would love to have it when they’re level 10. What do you do? Unless whatever piece you have is complete garbage, you’re probably going to leave it on the ground or sell it, or you can stash it and mule it for your next character…

Suggestion - Improve the drop rates of lower and mid level unique and set items at normal and nightmare difficulties, that way we actually have a greater chance of finding these items at the start of a new character when they can be of use. I feel that most of the high tier item drop rates are fine, as they should be hard to find.

Rune drop rates:
With my MeteOrb Sorceress, I’ve done numerous 20-30 minute runs spanning from Act 1 through Act 5 in various hot locations, and although somewhat rare, I have seen cases where I will not drop a single rune for the entire run. While the last rune drop buff was a vast improvement versus what it was, I don’t think it was enough. I will say that I feel the ratio between each rune is OK.

Suggestion - I think the overall chance for any rune to drop is still a bit low and could use an overall boost of two to three times more often.

Any class that can’t teleport suffers from positional inconsistencies. You’ve probably seen it, there’s a monster 1/2 a screen away from you attacking air and you’re getting hit, this is because the game uses UDP netcode which doesn’t have a sophisticated level of error correction. The server sees you position right next to the monster, but you see yourself 1/2 a screen away. Unless you do a hard position change by performing an action like a melee attack, opening a chest, activating a shrine, using a skill that makes you teleport, using a way-point to change locations or going through a town portal, your position only periodically updates based upon the netcode.

Suggestion - This game was originally designed with modem play in mind, those days are over. Make the switch to TCP which has 100% error correction. If we see rubber banding, we know the connection is lagging and we should either be careful or quit playing until the problem is resolved. (One big reason I won’t play Diablo 2 hardcore on Battle.net)


Gem requirement for cubing Runes
The gem requirement for cubing runes higher than Ort… Seriously? We’re not only sacrificing up to three useful runes to make one, but we have to go and hunt for a specific gem of a certain level in order to transmute it?
Get rid of the gem requirement, please!

Increase both of them, I don’t care how much as long as they’re at least double what they are now.

Ctrl+Click to move items
If you have your personal inventory and either stash or cube open, make control+click move the item.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see changed? Thank you for your time.


You say “Oh well” and then you move on. That’s the way the game is supposed to be. RNG can work with you or against you. I learned that hoarding items is terrible too.

No. I highly disagree with this. I think the drop tables are fine the way it is. You realize you can find some items in Normal difficulty and it can carry you all the way to Hell Baal, right? Some of the best items in the game start dropping in Nightmare. RNG is RNG. Leave the drop rates alone and deal with it.

I think it’s fine the way it is. High runes are meant to be chase pieces to getting end game gear and the rarity of them is perfect for that. If they make it double or triple, they will be as common as Shako’s. Which is horrible.

Literally, the game should be left alone in all these aspects, I think it’s perfect. If you want to have a fully geared character in 2 days, go play Diablo 3.


Also, a global stash to avoid having to xfer and mule.


First of all, thanks for the feedback.

I’m sorry, but this wild exaggeration made me chuckle. I liked that you slipped the “go play Diablo 3” in there as well, nice touch. :wink:

I’ve done experiments playing single player with direct-txt mods to increase the rune drop rate by 5 times… I played a Sorc like normal to level 90 and guess what? I still didn’t drop anything above Vex.

I agree, this would be awesome. I’m am glad Blizzard changed it to make games insta-permed for 5 minutes after starting, which helped a ton.

You’re doing it wrong brother. I’ve been playing single player very casually for the past 5 months like 15minutes to 1 hour couple times a week and I’ve found Vex Ohm Ist and Lo.

Want to know where the runes are at?
In chests, with /players 7-8
When you do mephisto runs to try n farm some shako/arach make sure you open as many chests as possible on the side with the council and behind mephisto.


I am aware that boosting /player # increases drops. I primarily play solo on bnet, so to keep the experiment parameters as close as possible other than the changes, I kept it at single player to prevent skewing the results.

Player 1 or 8 most high runes will be found in chests also

I hit the chests, believe me. Telekinesis is awesome. :slight_smile:

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It’s just obnoxious seeing people saying “Go back to D2 if you hate D3 so much” and I do. And now that they’re remastering my favourite game, they want to change it to be easier like Diablo 3. Legit just leave the game alone and let me play it the way it is. It pisses me off because if I say “Go back to D3 if you hate D2 so much”, then that makes me a toxic elitist bully. This isn’t you, but legit to anyone saying the game should be remade to be easier for casual players…#$*% off and go play D3.

Where are you farming? Mephisto and Andariel are noob traps if you’re looking for runes. Go do Lower Kurast chests/Chaos/Worldstone Keep/Ancient Tunnels/Pits. Even Arcane Sanctuary and Cows are extremely underrated places for finding high runes, i’ve found so many there. Even on Player 1 drop rates.

Put more time into the game. If you play 45 minutes a week, don’t complain that you’re poor and don’t have anything.

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As far as where I farmed for runes, all the spots you mentioned were on the rotation during the experiment… Yes, I played more than 45 minutes a week… A lot more…

I knew there would be blowback from the purists and that’s absolutely fine. To each, their own.

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Leave the game alone. It isn’t broken


I agree with you and high runes drop rate seems fine to me, keep D2 as is.

On the rune finding part. I have to disagree about mephisto being a noob trap. He himself doesn’t drop runes often at all, but the area has a ton of chests which, when opened efficiently, spit runes at you.

I’ve personally not been lucky on my lower kurast grind of the super chests, but it is an excellent source of gems/jewels for rerolling/crafting.

As for cows, I agree they are hands down the best place to find high runes. There is a lot of clickables (rocks, bodies, chest) and if in a game with 5+ players those really start to drop a lot of stuff. With cows being great because of the density. It’s easy to gather 3-4 packs and kill them all at once.

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It’s not a horrible method, but to me I think the time I use teleporting around Durance of Hate level 3 and opening each chest, I feel like I could just do something better. I could just go kill Eldritch + Shenk in that time and those are very close, dense areas that will take 10-15 seconds to do. When I kill Shenk, all monsters in 2 screens die instantly around him and drop the loot that they would have as well.

My mentality is like this: In 1000 games, would I want loot from 1000 killed Eldritch + Shenks and all the mobs around them, or 3000 normal chests?

Granted, I would 100% open the one super chest behind Mephisto when I do him always, but I don’t bother with anything else. I stop killing Mephisto once I have above average gear too. I just think the time could be spent elsewhere for better outcome.

Yeah, I don’t bother with it unless I’m in a ladder reset and I’m MFing in a public 7 player game or something. I find Cows to be a better source for gems/junk jewels.

Exactly. Dense areas are always the best for finding High runes since MF doesn’t affect the drops. Cows have a lower TC/area level than Chaos, but it’s the density that makes it really good.

I like Arcane Sanctuary at the start of a ladder, because it spawns Spectres. The monster family of Souls/Ghosts have the highest chance to drop runes for trash mobs. Also, each point has 2-4 super chests if Summoner isn’t there as well. The chests drop gems/jewels/runes often just like the Lowest Kurast chests.

I don’t go out of my way to clear the entire Sanctuary, but I kill whatever I can quickly on the way to the chests/summoner. I found a Jah/Ohm/Vex/2x Guls there last ladder. It pays off eventually to kill the Ghosts on the way or if there’s a lot of Hell Clans too in one area too.

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My wish list is -
"Guild stash, and we can create guilds to. This is something who have been in the game in early days but they took it away.
More Runewords why? becase its so fun to create runewords, and search best grey items.
Add more areas in Act 4, you have areas from act 5 “Abaddon” & “Pit of Acheron” could add them into act 4 ??
Add - Rare Bolts & Arrows would intressting to amazon class build.
Add Timer so we can see how long time we have when use - Resistance potions.
For end gaming - When you have killed all uber bosses open portals - New Difficulty level - Brutal

That’s true.

I forgot to mention that I play single player and I can switch between difficulty to reset the maps until I find one where the level is right next to the waypoint.

So then my run consist of 1-3 second of teleport, opening chests before entering level 3, teleport open 2 chest next to council, kill or skip council depending on my mood then kill mephisto and open the weapon/armor rack and the chests behind / next to him

Also have different character meant to farm specific places. Fire sorc for Andy/countess. Blizz sorc does mephisto/baal with act5 merc with azurewrath for the skeles. Hammerdin for chaos runs. Kicksin with faster run walk charms for lower kurast

I would want to see only two things change. Universal Stash and stash tabs similar to D3. And gold respec costs. your not going to use gold for anything else post normal (normal gamble is kinda useful). the respec option for me make sense I’ve gotten only a few characters to 75+ so I’m not a top player but getting a BIS drop for a spec your not playing feels kinda bad knowing you can only respec so many times. Also both of these changes have been modded and they make the game so much more fun.

You already have unlimited respecs in the game though.

Part of the fun of the game is finding that piece of gear for a build you arent playing so you can create a new character and, you know, play it.

Respecs have a purpose but are boring. Sometimes I miss the game without them lol.

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To me, the respecs purpose is to, stay the same spec as before but adjusting str/dext/vita to fit a new item or decide to reach 75% block.

I know before even making the character what spec he will be.

Could consider starting a Blizzard sorc and switch to lightning after acquiring an infinity tho

Tbh 3 respec is plenty and 1 or 2 would be enough


Well, what I think would be really important is:

  • a bigger stash
  • more runewords
  • a proper endgame machanic like rifts
  • more uniques

in that order.

Here are some of mine:

  1. Remove all the runewords. Many are overpowered, and we need a game that is NOT all about the items one has acquired, but rather what one has done in game with their characters.

  2. Get rid of all the Unique Items. Most of these are just a waste of space, and need a complete overhaul. Unique items are supposed to be badass, and, well, unique. Open sockets, and random stats in addition to set stats are a starting place for making Unique’s unique.

  3. Scrap all sets. Original sets are almost always underpowered, and there needs to be a clear, and useful, progression when dealing with sets composed of exceptional and elite components.

Once you have gotten rid of all these items, work out a sensible system, where late game items always outperform early game items, toss in some special quests, and have these quests comprise exclusive paths, in each difficulty setting, for each character class, where you have to make a choice, and the path of quests you choose determines what quest rewards you get. Make crafting with these special quests rewards the last word in improving characters items, and slowly add these things back into the game, starting with the reworked ‘sets’ in normal, and then add in those for NM, and finally the HELL difficulty ones. Follow this same pattern for runewords, and then reintroduce Unique items back into the game.

Normal items = normal difficulty
Exceptional items = nightmare difficulty
Elite items = hell difficulty

If a normal (set) item is rolled as loot in NM/H difficulty, then it is a bader version of the ‘normal’ item, but without any higher required ability scores or level requirements, so there is at least something to compensate for an item dropping in a higher difficulty setting than it should. Alternatively, and more interestingly, the improved item might have lower/no level or stat requirements, or even more interestingly, that particular item might gain a hidden (and randomly determined) partial set bonus, or even a combination of the above.

Rune worded items need to be broken up better, and more of them, so that there are a good selection of them, and in all difficulty settings, that can work for any character class/build. Perhaps allow for them to be made in items with more than the minimum sockets, and as long as the rune word is placed in the proper order, before any other sockets are used, they form the runeword when the formula is complete, and any open sockets remaining can be filled normally for regular bonuses, depending on what is put in.

Uniques should all have a clear advantage over their non-unique counterparts, no matter what their base item type is, in addition to any other bonuses they possess. One way to get this is to allow ‘trait-slots’, to either be rolled at creation or perhaps added on afterward, and then have quests and crafting get used to make these changes. A trait-slot would be like a socket, in that it is something that is empty by default, but can then be ‘filled’ via quest/crafting. Character class and build should be a factor, as well as the items used for the formula in the crafting recipe.

There also needs to be deeper dungeons, and a heck of a lot more QoL improvements, especially as regards to mueling/storage of the digital loot.