Diablo 2, Unable To Enter Game

I’m trying to create or enter any game on my former ladder characters but receive the following error: “Unable To Enter Game” on a black screen.

yes same for europe serveur no lad

Yes,no characters not working

US East soft core is having this problem also. My hope is Blizzard can resolve this server side issue quickly.

I’m having the same issue on US East. I’m also having some issues with non-ladder characters connecting to battlenet. I hope blizz gets this fixed soon.

EU still dead for non ladder :frowning:

Hope this gets fixed soon! Was so hyped to finally merge chars/mules, and now this :frowning:

how about you reset severs like you did the toons … this happens every damn time

Still not working;/ “Unable To Enter Game” ;/

I hope this is fixed quickly! Was so excited to mix characters and mules, but this frowning


What gateway ? I can play on US East just fine.

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