Diablo 2 right click not working properly

Welp, I’m putting this under the category of Diablo I because there IS NOT a Diablo II discussion board. So not my fault Blizzard didn’t think to put one.

Ok so I JUST redownloaded Diablo 2 onto my Windows 11 laptop. Everything was going fine. I could move and attack using left click on my mouse. And right click was using my mage attack, fire balls. JUST started so I’m still a level one. Hit the first cave, the Tomb… or whatever it’s called, I died. Fine. Go back to town, NOW all of a sudden everything is all messed up in my controls. Left AND right click are causing me to move. I can’t shoot my fireballs/mage attack by clicking right click on my mouse. After googling this issue for almost an hour, I found someone else with the same issue and now they have to hold down the shift key in order to do ANYTHING? But holding shift and right clicking for me STILL doesn’t allow me to shoot my fire balls aka use my mage attack. So…what gives? Um…that ain’t going to work for me. So how do I get it BACK to left click for walk and attack (when clicking on monster) and right click for mage attack?


If this is for Diablo II (2000) and/or its extension Diablo II Lord of Destruction (2001):

Both links lead to the same category on the D2R forums.

If this is for Diablo II: Resurrected:

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