Diablo 2: Resurrected Offline Mode

Okay, Blizzard, there’s just ONE thing I want from this.

Let me have a separate character list for Online multiplayer and offline/lan single player just like D2 Classic. With today’s tech, it should not be that hard to program in, but I am not worried about the tech, I am worried about you guys did to Diablo 3.

I get it, you want to make sure everything is working and can be updated, but here’s the thing: Not everyone has fantastic internet, and even if they have consistent or stable connections on an average day, there are times when an ISP has an outage because some drunk college kid or blind old lady veered off the side of the road and hit the box that sends internet into three whole neighborhoods.

Please, Blizz. Don’t deuce the goose on this one. I don’t ask for much, but I would like some kind of confirmation or announcement that we will have the “online” and “offline” character lists.

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Wish Granted.

For anyone else seeing this, details are here.

Having to make repeated “license” checks is not wish granted. Either I can install the game and play offline forever to my heart’s content, or I can’t.

Much like people in that thread, this is a selling point for me and most everyone I personally know who plays D2. Fully offline compatibility like the classic game or bust, not buying.

Gamers are, in general, incredibly sick and tired of DRM. It’s one of the worst parts of Diablo III that turned many fans away before they even looked at the game. The reason people continue to play Diablo II even now is because it’s not locked up by the company. People who bought it get to own it forever.

Diablo II (Resurrected) isn’t Diablo II without this.


Ok so here’s the problem with this set up I’m playing online got kicked and problems connecting so I figured I’d play offline so can can play and level up but NO have use a new. Charter that can never go online ??? Great idea can’t even level up on release except with a necromancer you’ll only see !!!