Diablo 2: Resurrected - Censored Edition

Diablo 2 developer Matt Uelmen: “My only strong opinion is that it needs to … and not succumb to the temptation to make a censored version.”

It seems as though Blizzard has already succumbed. From what we’ve seen so far: Andariel and the Dark Rangers have their butts covered. Amazon now has a full kilt on, hiding her thighs and side-butt. Assassin’s thighs are covered. Sorceress lost her underboob, has briefs on under her skirt, and has a longer skirt. Sorry folks, but this game is looking more and more censored with each video/announcement.

Also, the Amazon looks like an old man. The Barbarian looks like a 58 year old retired wrestler with low testosterone. The Druid found a hair dresser. The Sorceress turned into a thicc latina. The Assassin turned into Shang Tsung. The Necromancer looks alright, but older. The Paladin needs to visit the Druid’s hair dresser.

Say what you want, but the lack of censorship was as much a part of Diablo 2’s success as was killing demons.

For the love of Tyrael, please show off Andy’s butt. Them cheeks were a wonder to look at while cutting her down.


Animated Blood and Gore
Animated Violence

That is the rating for Diablo 2 & LoD and the specific reasons given for it after the rating board reviewed D2 contents. The game is not rated to have sexual images. If Blizzard wants to keep that rating they are required to ensure they meet the requirements.

If you need to have graphic sexual images there are places for that.


Underboob and side butt aren’t graphic sexual images. Perhaps you should visit those places you’ve mentioned to discover the difference. The point I’m making is the trend that we’re seeing based on recent footage; censorship and odd changes.

The focus of Diablo 2 wasn’t graphic sexual images, but the lack of censorship was and is apart of it’s success.

By the way, the game will keep that same rating even if they added sexual images.

Titles rated M (Mature) have content that is generally suitable for persons ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.


That is the general definition of Mature. Each game gets rated with the specifics which I gave you from the ESRB ratings for D2 and LoD. Sexuality is not included for the specific evaluation given to D2. They would have to amend it to add that aspect in the listing.

So you think tiny pixels that people could imagine into something was somehow a selling feature?


Game makers and artists making graphics however the company wants to is not censorship. That is capitalism. They make what they want that they think will sell.

Those specifics don’t change the overall rating. If you’re worried about the specifics, I have good news; underboob and side butt are not graphic sexual images.

Breaking news: Sex sells.


It is censored based on the selling point of being a faithful remake.


Why do you need a censorship if the game is rated pg16? It’s a game for older teen and adults. If you don’t want kids to be exposed then make a seperate version for chillins’. Im not buying this game untill yall fix it or someone makes a mod to uncensor. Also Amazon and Assassin, their face and outfit look trash af. I prefer the original just like about 98% of Diablo 2 players.


TL;DR: C’mon Devs. MAKE IT 1:1 recreation with all original D2 GLORY! The fans demand it. I share the exact thoughts of username Wasabi; If possible, I will refund my current purchase until I see the ‘real’ restoration.

And speaking of side cheek – in reference to MissCheetah’s comments – I just googled “CardiB” and this is the first thing that popped up: https://youtu.be/rCiBgLOcuKU?t=5

So Cardi can ji66le, wiggle, and throw that naked butt with all the side cheek, back cheek, leg, inner thigh – ALL THAT! And I bet you not once ever has MissCheetah taken a stand against all that skin exposure. Yet a 3 year old (they do) could easily find her content!! Thus, MissCheetah’s argumentative point on the whole “sexual content” issue lacks any real logic. And there’s so much amplification of sex and sexuality in today’s media platforms but it is selective and weaponized to a certain agenda. So much hypocrisy smh. Enough of the shenanigans. Stop shoving your communist reconstruction agenda down our throats. We (the fans who loved Diablo game since the beginning) want our era restored in HD!! Next thing you know you we’re going to see MissCheetah complain that Andariel [needs] to be masculine and be the final act boss and want Diablo moved from ACT 4 down to ACT 1 and make him look like Gharbad the weak!! FACEPALM It’ll be a cold day in hell if that ever happens. Said Baal’s voice “ENOUGH!!”


Blizzard’s agenda are against boobs and buts… Only masculine silhouettes and LGBTQ+XYZ, Woke womxn allowed…

SAD times!


I hear you…

Hear me out on this:

  1. Diablo 3 includes nudity but the ESRB rating only mentions “blood and gore” and “violence”.

  2. Blizzard claims to be attempting to make a faithful remaster of the game and the original game included these elements.

  3. If they really had to they could update the rating to reflect today’s standards but looking at Diablo 3 it seems as though they wouldn’t.

  4. Nudity and sexuality don’t automatically imply one another.



I agree on the things that character’s faces should be youngefied and at least female characters should be feminized . Women can look strong and feminine at the same time. Also Andariel should not be as covered as she is now. I can accept the lack of skin showing on characters at the campfire as they will eventually be covered in full armor, yet the mob demonesses should be left as original. And I can’t tolerate the ugliness of at least Amazon’s, Sorcerer’s, Paladin’s and Amazon’s faces. Yes, I mentioned Amazon 2 times intentionally. Assassin’s face is sami ok… not as bad as Amazon’s.


That is what happens when u employ educated “artist” /designer/ c++ programmer. Looks like alot of people confuse art, nudity, religion, especially art and vulgar plain nudity… There’s a differece u know… So glad i didn buy that art abomination, i so wanted to buy it but when i seen too much dinamic light and all those censored stuff and ugly faces, it was just too much for me… I just HOPE Diablo 4 will not be ruined by marketing and greed of money grabbing selling quotas… to kids 12 year old… I mean if d4 is gonna be censored this way i will definetly not buy the game


Not buying Diablo 2: Censored Edition until they make it what Diablo really was. It’s just awful what’s happening, such potential to be a great game, yet NO GORE, no SEXYNESS, no manlyhood and womanhood, it’s just awful. Not buying anything from Blizzard anymore. I was going to buy this game, but yet, looks awful in that correctness. The appeal of Diablo was it was dark, grim, grose, realistic, gore.


You got it completely wrong and for one reason or another you seem almost affected by the fact people want these changed back to the original.
In order to make my point though i will not go into backwards tactics as you do to make us feel bad for wanting what we want. Instead i will give the Valeera Demon Hunter skin as an example. Heroes of the Storm is rated 13+, so why does that skin have one of the solidest underboobs in gaming.
I will elaborate as well - it is because the artists chose them to be so. If censorship was made in D2R, it wasn’t because of any of the reasons you mentioned and it certainly was a centerfold of discussion so that certain elements were indeed censored.
Not making this any more complicated than it should - why did they one and decided to censor the other.
Also the ‘tiny pixels’ you mention aren’t a selling feature, they are an exciting feature making the entire fantasy setting more consistent with itself. More importantly he game was made by and for boys and men in times when women and girls considered it quite antimasculine to play video games. Making a faithful remake then would take such details into consideration. Further - most of us that played it then are full fledged adults now. We stayed with this game for 20 years. I was 9 when i first played Diablo 2. This is two thirds of my life, three quarters of my conscious life. Would have the courage to say that it doesn’t matter what me and people like me say? People that are actually going to buy the game?
Really it seems as if there’s something much more that just some upper thigh and underbreast being censored.
It should be an extremely easy thing to do and yet a walkaround has been issued.
Something doesn’t add up.


Welcome to socialism…I certainly don’t approve of objectifying women, but this… ranks right up there with Dr. Seuss

FYI would be nice to know… since the Paladin saves and heals people, and he’s black, do all lives matter or will he only be able to heal players that aren’t caucasian? Inquiring minds wanna know. And this is a serious question because it will change what character I may play, knowing that the Barbarian seems to be of icelandic, visigoth, or Western European origin, he may not get the “heals” yo.

Furthermore, I’m offended by the “Witch Doctor” character in DIII, I think his/her name should be changed to “Rural Remedies Expert”. I’m also offended that I cannot change gender in both of your games and they lock in pronouns!

(If you’re going to go full-tilt socialist virtue signal… then lets do it right?~ GAME ON)

FYI…Great way to ruin your game Blizzard! Sex & nudity are art, if you portray it correctly. Furthermore so is gore…famous photo taken in Vietnam of an officer getting shot in the head, went on to win a Nobel Prize… look it up; you’ll learn more rather than having me tell you about it.


How funny, Blizzard put my account on hold because I said some truths here. YES, BLIZZARD IS GOING BADLY BECASUE YOU ARE MIXING IN POSMODERNISM INTO BLIZZARD.

That’s why CDPROJEKTRED is doing better.


I agree with wasabi, well it’s not making the success of the game completely but I think it was a cool feature to have some adult content… Why not making this game for adult only…? I would appreciate to see some more body part like in D1 and Original D2…! :slight_smile:

Yep, here’s the solution, make the game for adult only and know that teens will still have it bought by their parents that don’t mind buying it for their kids just like when my parents bought me world of warcraft when I didn’t had the age as well as my friends parents did for my young friends tho! :smiley:

Making it for adult would not drop the sells that much and it would add quality to the game. And who know these days adults play video games to so why it could not raise the sells, who know…


Agree. The original art should be respected with maximum effort, leaving no room for censorship at all. This has nothing, really nothing to do with “if you need to have graphic sexual images there are places for that”.
That’s just a cheap comment to belittle the original complaint.
In a huge leap forward, what’s next, covering up some paintings in museums?
Have some respect for the artists.


I am just tired of all these censureship and so, I won’t be buying this game unless it is faithfull to the original game and with that I mean removing all that pointless evil censoreship to butts and boobs.


One of the defining moments of the Diablo franchise for me was seeing a pixilated midsection of a female staked to the walls of the butchers room in Diablo. There was nothing sexual about it. It was disturbing… obscene… scary even.

These guys may seem “thirsty” but I swear to you they’re speaking the truth about the importance of what these games did for world building.

Diablo has and always should be a game about evil, depravity, adventure and terror. Much like doom… the theme is core to the experience.


Looks like even hell is arriving in the modern age huh?

The whole censoring seems to be part of the “good tone”. Should Sylvanas survive this WoW addon, she will probably have a full plate armor including helmet in the next one. :joy:

As far as i can remember Andariel’s nudity back in the days was a “problem” at first but after she appeared on a gaming magazine cover, with no controversy erupting from it -> no Problem!

No woman I know has a problem with the revealing nature of female characters, not one. My wife finds the design of bloodraven absolutely ridiculous. It doesn’t look anything like the original. This has nothing to do with interpretation of a pixelated model. Just zoom in, enlarge and even every fanart you can find via googel, even the sylvanas skin of blood raven from heroes of the storm has more of the original look than this new one.

I for one don’t support this censorship stuff and therefore won’t buy although resurrected looks really great apart from that. We are in tech Alpha maybe we will see some changes here.