Diablo 2-R Crash to desktop

Yesterday I played without any major issues, completed act 1 with Girlfriend on Druid and she was playing Sorceress

this morning I cant seem to play more than 5 minutes before the game crashes to the desktop leaving me to restart at waypoint everytime

My crash log doesn’t show any information towards these crashes other than :

8/14 09:18:18.094 [PopcornMeshBatchKey/4] [<>:0]: Too many meshes in an animated model file! The limit is 4 and the model has 5. Model path: ‘data/hd/vfx/meshes/missiles/vine_beast/vine_beast.model’.

says that 8 times then MANY MANY 8/14 09:18:36.739 [Granny/4] [<>:0]: NewMeshBinding: Unable to find bone: ‘weapon_short_staff’ in the ToSkeleton

Simillar to these, then crashes a couple minutes later

I have the desktop screen logging in and it never starts

sorry, the screen stays at: starting the game