Diablo 2 - Purchase Prime Evil Twice?

Hey guys,
So I haven’t seen this answered and I did a good bit of searching.

I purchase the Diablo 2 Prime Evil Upgrade on Xbox because I already own Diablo 3 but wanted the pet and wings.
If I purchase the regular version of Diablo 2 Resurrected on PC… will the Diablo 3 Prime Evil content unlock on my PC account as soon as I link the xbox account to my battle net? There’s cross progression on Diablo 2, so I would imagine it should.

Or do I need to buy the Prime Evil Upgrade on both Xbox and PC?

No, it will not.

There IS cross progression for D2R, but the game licenses have to be purchased separately for each platform. If you want the D3 games/D3 rewards on PC you need to buy that package of D2R for PC.