Diablo 2 on Catalina (update to 64 bit)?


Will Diablo 2 be updated to support MacOS Catalina, which does not support 32 bit application anymore.
Will it be updated to 64 bit? I guess not but one can hope…


They are working on updating Starcraft Remaster to 64 bit right now, so I think we can expect Warcraft Reforge and the D2 Remaster to be updated as well.


Yup keep dreaming about a remaster that will never happen🤣


You keep making the same snide comment about a remaster being a dream, which is completely unnecessary. You just seem to have a desire to spread a hateful disposition across these forums.

If you look at all the facts and evidence it is clear that they are right now working on a D2 remaster.


What there is no evidence there is no official report from blizzard about remastering D2 so keep dreaming :rofl:


There is overwhelming evidence. You’re just not equipped with the tools to both find it nor see, even if it was in your face, and it is. Which is really sad considering D2 increases cognitive function in people who consistently play the game.

Maybe it’s your tendency toward trolling and you’re poor literacy that hinders you. The two often go hand in hand. I’m sure if you improve your command of the language you’ll see clearer and not tend toward a nasty, insecure disposition toward those you don’t agree with or don’t understand.