Diablo 2 not working With ISP Telenet in belgium

Hello Guys ,

I’m still totally unsatisfied after so long …
The funny part is they blocked the biggest ISP ( TELENET ) in Belgium for the flemish part .

This issue is already know more then 1 year ago …
Why is this taking more then 1 year now ???
was able to play with this ISP in the past .
never changed ISP for 20 years ^^
Pls do something about this !

Here The answer after making 5 tickets …

Issue ID: #74504436
Your ticket has received the following response:


I am Game Master Vladosiky and I am here to address your Telenet connection concern!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Thierry. We have received other reports from Telenet customers that they are being blocked from accessing Battle.net for Diablo 2. It looks like this is an issue on our end that will need to be investigated further.

I have escalated the information to the Diablo 2 team to look into this further. Customer Service cannot remove this restriction as of right now, as it is directly related to your ISP connection. Even if we removed it, it would restrict you as soon as you tried to re-connect. We will need to resolve this problem on our end.

Once we hear back from the Diablo 2 team regarding this problem, I will reach out to you by email with an update. I currently do not have an estimated time frame on when this will be fixed, but as others are experiencing the same issue, I do hope this gets resolved quickly.

Thank you again for making us aware of this problem.

Take care and let us know if you ever need anything!

Click here to review and resolve your ticket. If you continue to experience issues, you can respond to your ticket with additional information.

If you do not resolve the ticket or provide an additional response within one week, we will resolve the ticket automatically and you’ll receive a final update via email.

Blizzard Support

So plssssss Fix this issue …

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One year is too soon wait two more for soon :tm: response

Same issue over here. Contacted customer support for the same issue a year ago and now it turns out that all Telenet connections are blocked because the system doesn’t distinguish a business connection from a residential one. At least that’s the explanation I recently received. I understand the reasoning behind it but it’s still a bit sad that we are not able to play the game online…

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Just out of curiosity, @d4nish and @Quick, do you know if any local gaming cafés/clubs have Diablo 2 games as a part of the games that they host on their computers?

  • If they do, I wonder if you can ask them how they bypass the block.
  • If they do not, then my curiosity has been slayed.

Thanks for your time. I hope that it does get resolved.

:alien: :dolphin:

I’m wondering if those kind of clubs even still exist here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also, there is the option of choosing another ISP here but I would hardly call that a solution + if I’m not mistaken they also provide business connections.

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You should probably take your inquiry to the Tech Support Forum.

Thanks for the advice but I highly doubt that will help us further :stuck_out_tongue: might try it later ^^

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Nope , i’m for sure its not possible to make a connection with telenet if the D2 Devs did not make any changes … Almost 2 YEARS Waiting for a solution ^^

I know i paid my game again 20 euro and can’t play online . The only reason i bought this game was to play online again …

And Sorry i will not change my ISP to another one .
WTF !! They need to solve this , when they make modifications !!!

SO SUPPORT Any Positive Feedback ???

They are afraid to answer : https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/blizzard/t/diablo-2-battlenet-cant-connect-for-1-month/2943



Just sue them it’s the only thing that’ll make them care

if your isp is blocked then proxy your connection the work around is not hard…

I know the work is not that hard but I think I read somewhere that a proxy would also result in a ban so not entirely sure if that is a potential solution. Can always give it a try later so thx for the tip :wink:


read the wiki

they do exist proxys that are not restricted.

Also blizzard DOES NOT BAN IP ADDRESSES EVER they only restrict the connection for 14-16 days so use the proper connection or be restricted.

Bliz does BAN accounts and if you do get a ban you will receive a ban code [8] otherwise its not a ban.


Thanks for the fast response!


I never said they BANNED MY IP OR :wink: Only that our ISP IS BLOCKED ^^

I should have clarified in a previous post that I am indeed using a residential connection so I am using the proper connection to avoid getting restricted.

Haven’t received any error codes regarding bans or anything so I should be good on that front :wink:

We only convey the information here that we were given by customer support. Even though some proxies might work, this again Is not a sufficient enough solution for an issue like blocked ISP’s.

But again, I thank you for the information and I’ll be sure to look into it :wink:

I can see why you would’ve thought we were thinking we are getting banned.

Poor choice of words on my end. :wink:

Hey, I’m also having the same issue with my TELENET connection. I really wanted to restart playing the game with some friends but unfortunately this is not possible since I cannot connect.

Is Blizzard / BNet going to do something about?
Is any solution going to be given to this or are you going to just ignore some of your customers?

I’m using telenet and have the same problem.
I also tried everything i submitted a propper ticket and hope I can play in the near future.