Diablo 2 not working on latest mac OS Catalina

Another one still waiting…

I felt like I should have read this before buying the key… another here :frowning:


I want my money back, I guarantee they don’t fix this. Catalina runs on 64 bit and D2 is 32. They need to update but im sure they won’t.


Wanted to add my name to the list of Mac sufferers from the Catalina issue. Please let us know where in the process the team is in working on a fix. Thank you!


dude, same problem here.


Same problem here, WHY!?!? WHY!?!?! waiting to my weekend for this? Just add a notice on the purchase screen. macOS users are not elegible to play nostalgic games.


I wrote to CS and they were nice and offered me a refund “until” 64 compatible comes out.


Hi, will this fix ever be released? Are there any chances?

Any news on a 64-bit update?

Echoing everyone else. Any update?

its been a month now :(, I hope that with blizzcon out of the way the team can fix this issue :smiley:

Back when neither StarCraft nor Diablo II would run on Mac OS 10.6 I had a second hard drive (bootable) with the older OS installed on it as an option. The problem is that you need to already have another partition set up.

Really hoping for this to be patched as well! Hope blizzard can give us any indication regarding this.

Hey Blizzard - I want my money back.
I LOVE D2 and was SO looking forward to playing it, but from the look of it, there hasn’t been any REAL replies as to what is going on with it other than “we are looking into it”. If the team isn’t ACTIVELY looking into fixing the problem ASAP then I want my money back. This is severely disappointing. >=(


This is getting ridiculous. Give us some update, even if it’s just saying that you aren’t close to a fix. We want answers, not silence.

Why do I cry??? I’m sad.

Another one still waiting… Any answers Blizzard?


As you can see you have a loyal fanbase that would greatly appreciate a little attention - even if its just an answer to say “we are working on it” or “we haven’t gotten to it yet”

Personally I’d like a response that says “We won’t be able to get to it till XX/XX/XXXX (date) so here’s your money back, sorry we let you buy it without letting you know that it wouldn’t work on your modern, fully updated computer.” OR “its fixed! ENJOY!”

ugh… I’m just frustrated.


its frustrating yes, but is actually apples fault FeelsBadMan

same here! please give us a date?! :cold_sweat: