Diablo 2 not working on latest mac OS Catalina

And if Blizzard is anywhere close to releasing an update of D2, you can bet that they won’t bother until they’ve tested it on the developer beta of OS 11 (which they have certainly received from Apple by now, since it was released to developers about a month ago).

It will be new macOS Big Sur soon. D2 still not work. :woman_mage:t2:

Hey Blizz, glad to hear you’re still working on this!

Updating legacy apps through catalina (and the PPC -> intel transition, which also completely broke the game when apple dropped PPC emulation support via rosetta in 10.7 or whatever), is unfortunately not a given, so I think it’s very fortunate that Blizzard seems to still care about mac users and is committed (somewhat) to updating this game so it can work again on new operating systems, ~two decades after launch.

What “we’re working on this but don’t have an ETA” means is that there’s probably some dev(s) working on this, probably just part time and on top of their other responsibilities, and porting a really really old codebase from 32 -> 64 bit can potentially be pretty difficult and complicated, mostly b/c a lot of things (eg. data structures and networking packets that were built around 32-bit pointers, and integer values that were assumed to be 32-bit) could break, sometimes, and in weird / unexpected ways, so this could potentially take a very long time and making any kind of concrete time estimate for this is impossible.

And this is blizzard, people, so blizzard time / valve time / berkeley time / etc very much applies applies here, lol.

They’re working on it, but what “we’re working on it, but it’s complicated and we have no ETA” means, in software dev speak, is that this is likely to take months to years to fix (and 1-2 years, or more, is fairly likely, honestly), so no, this isn’t the kind of “we’re working on it” => you’re likely to get a fix done / finished in a few weeks, particularly as this probably isn’t a super high priority within the company (and this probably isn’t, to be perfectly honest).

What Blizz could do is assign people to work on this full time (if that hasn’t happened already) and assign a producer to this to figure out what needs to get done, make sure the right people are assigned to work on it, and schedule all this so this gets done relatively quickly. The best case scenario for that is maybe 2 months, optimistically. The best case of “we’re aware of this and have 1-2 devs working on this part time, but they’re stuck on XYZ and honestly there hasn’t been that much work done on this in the last 4 months” is… well, quite a bit worse, lol.

Anyways, thank you Blizz for working on this (and posting intermittently so we at least know that you’re aware that this is a problem and are working on a fix). Oh, and if you could update the original Diablo as well (and any of the other classic games that you have the time / resources to work on and support as well), it’d be pretty nice if we could get an updated, 64-bit version of that game as well :slight_smile:

For everyone else ITT: if you’re on a mac and want to play diablo 1 / 2 for whatever reason, honestly speaking you’ll need to either just play the windows version (via dual boot, parallels / virtual box, wine / crossover, etc), or else keep a pre-catalina (eg. high sierra) partition around to run old 32-bit games and software. I’m pretty confident that we’ll probably have a 64-bit native mac version of D2 again by… well, 2025 at least (lol), and probably by ~2022, but please don’t hold your breath for a fix in the next 1-2 months, b/c that probably isn’t gonna happen.

That said, mods, if there’s any update on this (eg. fixed XYZ, think we could get a patch out within the next 6 months or whatever), please let us know! Thanks!

(and note: for context, half my steam library still doesn’t work on catalina (and some of those are unity games so there’s ABSOLUTELY no excuse there on the dev’s part), and wine is currently completely, totally broken (outside of crossover apparently, but that isn’t free), so… if it takes blizz a few years to fix this honestly I wouldn’t be that surprised. And any other old blizz games that they managed to get updated and working on modern mac os were probably also muli-year projects by a small dev team, fwiw - this stuff can be a ton of work, and updating an old / legacy codebase is never easy)


Mac v10.15.7 with same problem

I purchase my D2 recently and when I put the key code on for the D2 it work but when I try it with D2LOD it not work and it say code invalid

I tried to play the Windows version on PlayOnMac and it worked for me.


OK! I connect myself to the all reports are being made on regards of no D2 x64 version was build.
Blizzard please push this issue on your meetings, we really need it!

Yes!!! everyone pay attention, Yang got it right! works on Catalina!!! Go play and everyone can be pleased now :slight_smile:

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Were you able to play it online, too?

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I wasn’t able to play online. A lot of issues, crashes didn’t make it happen.

I join all of the above, I also really look forward to a working D2 build on Catalina

Playing around with a calculator to estimate Diablo 2’s user base:

59,400 views since a year ago on this thread. That’s roughly 163 views a day. Dividing the total views by 10 to account for frequent viewers, that brings it down to 5940 views/16.3 views a day. So lets guess 5000 individual Mac users interested in this topic.

Ratio of Mac to Windows users, 9.57/100, which means there are roughly 52300 Windows users out there who currently play or are interested in playing Diablo 2.

Totals, roughly 57,300 people who currently play or are interested in playing Diablo 2.

Lets say the game is Remastered (in 64 bit) for $30 and a large majority of the 57,300 buy… An initial $1.5M minus development costs in the bag for Blizzard. Plus more down the road from word of mouth/news/announcements.

Looking forward to something juicy to be announced on Blizzconline come February 19-20!

Diablo II Installer doesn’t work on High Sierra as well. It just stucking after I accept license agreement and before the installation process.

y’all bet be workin on that d2 R E M A S T E R as a hype-up to d4! you know it’s the right thing a do

this non-compatabality gots me ragee

I support the work to make Diablo II LoD compatible with Mac Catalina :slight_smile:

What if Blizzard creates the 64 bit that works on Mac, will you be able to move your progress to that version let’s say late 2021?

I was so excited to play LOD… aw man.

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here is a solution, though it is not cheap or easy. buy windows 10 and install that on the mac. as i said, not cheap or easy but, it is a solution.

cant believe you guys are still bothering with blizzard its been a year and no fix

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Of course we bother. :smiley: It’s D2.