DIABLO 2 LOD - Password reset

Dear reader, I am not able to get in to my diablo 2 LOD accound. Please send me the link to restore the password It is about the two accounts: Grot_2019 - Grot_2018 Realm Europe. (my email adres is Jor*********s@*mail

I have tried to do this with the reset in the game but it does not send me the e-mail.
please help

If you are not receiving an email when you submit a password reset request for a Diablo 2 battle.net account, these are the possible reasons I can think of why:

1: Your account was never set up with a recovery email address. Normally when you create a new account, you are prompted to enter an email address for recovery purposes. If you skipped this, then the account was not set up with an email.
2: The email may be going to your spam folder.
3: If it’s been over 3 months since you last played, your account has expired and the account name may have been taken over by someone else. Anyone else creating a new account can choose the same account name as an expired account, which effectively overwrites the expired account.
4: You set up the account recovery email with a different email address.
5: You’re not typing the account name correctly.

Beyond the email recovery feature, Blizzard will not assist in the recovery of lost accounts. A big reason is because there are a bunch of greedy players that would love to have a way to steal others accounts.