Diablo 2 IP ban? Please check!

Dear Customer Support,

I play Diablo2 with LOD with 2 of my nephews and my niece, so all together we have 4 d2 and 4 LOD cd keys in use. Sometimes we play at my place in Vienna, sometimes we are dislocated over whole of Austria.

2 days ago my nephew got the message “Your connection to battle.net has been interruptet. Please connect again.” (translation from German by me) right after his family got a new internet connection, new router, and i guess a new ip adress and a new server location.

As being “their IT support” i tried everything i now via teamviewer (back then suspecting it was the new internet connection). I even tried installing a different key set on his computer via teamviewer (the one from my niece) and the same result! Then I tried running diablo 2 with his cd codes on my wifes laptop, and there i received “battle.net not responding. please try again to connect in a few minutes” (translation from German by me)

From that moment on my copy of diablo 2 isn’t working anymore (it did before, while my nephews wasn’t), also with the “battle.net not responding. please try again to connect in a few minutes”. As if my nephews cd key infected my IP too (read some theories on this on the internet^^).

I read the list of reasons for server restriction (https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/119708?utm_source=internal-TechForum&utm_medium=posting&utm_campaign=BlizzardCS&utm_content=solution) and my nephew admitted to log out and in quickly, being a kid trying to play as fast as he can :smiley:
but except for that we play totally fair and legit and nothing from that list should cause a restriction for us.

Now it is my conquest to “repair the game” for my nephew and make it playable for my other two gamers aswell (i told them not to try to connect to their accounts, because we often play together).

Is there a way for me to find out:

  • what do the two different error messages mean?
  • is this IP ban or cd key ban or both?
  • which IP’s are banned?
  • which cd keys are banned?
  • for how long are they banned?
  • why are they banned?

I don’t know if it is save to post my and his IP adresses, for cd keys i was sure to be not save :wink:

Any help here is appreciated, before that i won’t try to connect again, because i heard, his would reset the ban time counter (is this true?).

Thanks in advance!