Diablo 2 Gateway U.S. East now broken also?

Last several days have had frequent disconnects. Now today unable to connect all together.

Checking my internet connection and everything seems fine. No drops in other apps / devices. Low ping and high speeds.

I can’t actually connect to any of the realms in D2.

I am having the same problem but with USEast only.

What is it doing when you try to connect? is it hanging at “checking versions” or at “connecting to fastest server” and then timing out with the “unable to connect to battle.net if using a modem… etc… etc…”? This issue has been happening on USWEST for weeks now… if you can’t connect to any realms at all now, start off with submitting a support ticket just to check if you’ve been restricted or not, some people have copped restrictions (for unkown reasons lol) and some have had legitimate server issues

I was able to log right into US East and there were a decent amount of people on, so the server itself isn’t down or anything. I am sorry you are having issues connecting and I hope it is resolved soon.