Diablo 2: Disconnected from Battlenet, please reconnect

Thanks in advance for reading! This is a repost from general discussion at someone’s recommendation.

I started playing the new ladder reset while out of town, but upon coming home I am getting “Disconnected from Battlenet…” error whenever I try to connect to any server.

After doing some searching, it looks like business IPs are restricted. I work from home and my employer provides a business internet service and static IP for intranet/WAN setup. I’m not actively using any VPN or WAN while connecting. The WAN is setup simply to redirect traffic to certain IPs to our intranet. But I assume this to be the cause. Should I be able to connect, and if so, is there something I need to do? I have a static IP and will not be able to change it.


In the same boat, this is an incredibly dumb policy given Blizzard allows these same IPs to log in to WoW and other games. Why restrict legacy games in this fashion?

So it won’t even allow us to use our mobile hotspots either? Now i’m getting checking version… so i just ate a ban because you don’t allow me to use my phone as a hotspot. What the hell.

Don’t feel bad I got temp banned for who knows how long and i wasn’t even using a vpn or business ip and joined about two games…

how long has this been a thing i played all last ladder with hotspot

Hey there,

This post is almost 4 years old at this point. Please do not resurrect old posts. If you are experiencing an issue and there isn’t an active post on the issue, it is best to create a new post.

As for the type of restriction that was originally being discussed, those usually last 2 weeks. They cannot be bypassed and must run their course.

Diablo II: 2000 is an older game on an older infrastructure that is not as robust as the more modern infrastructure the games hosted in the Battle.net Desktop application use. We don’t allow the use of VPNs, Proxies, Cloud or business connection to that game to preserve stability of the service. Connecting via those connection types will result in a 2 week restriction.

This has always been the case for Diablo II: 2000 and will likely remain the case.

I will be closing this thread but if you have a technical issue not explained by the above, go ahead and make a new post with the details of the issue, and we will troubleshoot with you to address the issue.

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