Diablo 2 - Diablo 4

always wanted to post my thoughts so here they go… i sure hope

i was a diablo 2 player… i still play diablo 2 i would just like to say what i think made it so i did not like diablo 3… i want to voice this because i dont want the same thing to happen in diablo 4, i have heard some of the same things before so ill try not to rant to much…

these are a list of the biggest reasons/problems i had with converting from diablo 2 to diablo 3, that i am scared may continue in diablo 4

#1 diablo 2 was an 8 player game… playing in an 8 player game for like all those years then moving on to the new and improved diablo 3 to only have it allow 4 players in a game is prolly the dumbest smallest biggest upset ever which single handedly crushed the game for me… if it would have been 8 players in a game like i had been use to i prolly could have gotten use to other things this being said if diablo 4 is a 4 player game i do not think i would be interested in playing it

#2 Account Bound Items is prolly a bigger reason then #1 account bound items are just killing the game, diablo 2 is no account bound so… people can trade and spend hours trading, people prolly spend more time trading and trying to aquire new goods from other players through trades then they do leveling or dueling at some points, not to mention, those items having Value, which is basically it but another note is the items that drop players having their own loot… i get it i think 50% of people like it and 50% of people dont… i play diablo 2 with hackers who are using " pickit " and steal all the items yeah its not very fun… but even though i am legit… i do not like getting my own loot… i like having the loot dropped in a pile and a bunch of players click on it or some other system implemented where i just am not simply the only person getting loot… while this is not tooo big of a deal i do feel its on the topic of items… now… as for above this mention i just want to clarify and make point to something this whole thing about items being account bound is really nothing to do with the items being account bound it has to do with trading… in diablo 2 you could do 3 things, ( pvm,pvp,trade ) 3 things now… in diablo 3 you could ( pvm, ) nothing really much more at all i can say a very late unused duel arena got added very late so i would view diablo 3 as a PVM game… but i would consider diablo 2 to be a pvp game or… a very equal mix of pvp and pvm

ill stop here i think these are the 2 main things,

#1 4 player games, we need 8 player games to interact with
#2 account bound items and unable to trade anything of value
the end
but if i was to add a very quick #3 i like the old school way of joining games selecting the game i want to join from a list where players have typed in a discription, having some sort of auto-join system where it throws you in a random game is very bad for the game i think, let people make topics for their games

Been playing D2R for a month now, and I can honestly say I hope D4 is NOTHING like D2. It’s the most frustrating gaming experience I’ve ever had: group loot mixed with not being able to find any groups, the customization (often touted as the pride of D2) is nonexistent imo, and the amount of time to grind anything is absurd. It is a relic of a time when it was one of the few time intensive games on the market. That’s every game these days. Everyone wants people spending thousands of hours on their game. I just want to log an hour or two a night and feel like I’ve accomplished something. After 1 month of diablo 2 with nearly 300 hours, I’ve never felt less empty in gaming. I truly hope D4 is made for us casuals.

So you want items to full from the sky like in diablo 3 God I hope this don’t happin