Diablo 2 Chat Muted

So whenever i log in Battlenet its says “Your account has had all chat privileges suspended.”

Why? I don’t recall doing anything wrong. Haven’t played for years.

Is there anyway i can message customer support about this? They don’t seem to have a way to open a ticket for this specifically.

Chances are your keyset was used to spam in-game chat advertisements and had the chat privileges suspended. There was a massive cleanup of spammers which happened back in 2017, the game was unbearable to play due to the massive flood of text advertisements. The hackers likely acquired your keys through brute force guessing.

It’s a long shot, but you can try submitting a support ticket to see if something can be done.

(you can just append a blank text file for the msinfo/dxdiag)

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Well, this is upsetting. Thanks for the help i’ll try to contact support!