Diablo 2 CD 16 digit CD key is invalid

I purchased this game nearly 20 years ago. I have an itch to play it again. My original CD key is a 16 digit key on the CD case. When redeeming the key through blizzard website, it tells me to install the game using that same CD key through the blizzard installer. I try doing this, it says my CD is invalid as it is requesting a 26 digit CD key.

I am not going to re-purchase games I already own just because Blizzard no longer supports old retail purchases in a hard-copy box from GameStop 20 years ago. This is extremely frustrating and is yet another reason why I have strayed away from purchasing Blizzard IP in the last 10 years. It just seems like the support is not there and they want us to re-purchase the product. Not going to happen.

When you redeem your 16 digit code, it converts and adds it to your Blizzard account.

From this forum, click your profile name on the upper right, Account settings, Games and Subscriptions (left side), scroll down under “Classic Games”, you should see a 26 alphanumeric code to the right of “Diablo II” and another if you also added Lord of Destruction. These are the keys you need to copy and paste into each installer.

Edit: I’m just going to go ahead and throw out a warning about VPN usage since a lot of people trying to play Diablo 2 get hammered with a temp ban because of them. If you do use a VPN, make absolutely sure that it’s turned off before attempting to play on Battle.net.

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insert 16 digit key here