Diablo 2 Cant install

Im trying to install d2lod but i just stop after 1 min…
i wanted to play this game again but i cant get it from blizzards page. Problems with the Downloader_Diablo2.exe

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Ive got the same problem on my Mac running OS 10.15.3… You figured it out yet?

I purchased diablo 2 and try to use the zip file with archive utility and it says “the developer of this app needs to update to work with this version of macOS. contact the developer for more information”
help or i need a refund if diablo 2 cant run on my mac.

I have the problem that Bettlenet won’t let me download the client, even. It says its a problem with my internet, but everything its working just fine with my internet. Just when I try to dowload D2, happens!