Diablo 2 Can't connect to battle net after it working fine the first time


Got a bit nostalgic when i saw the D2 Ressurected trailer. So i hopped on battlenet and downloaded D2 and LOD.

Installed got on battle.net. Created a game. Played for a bit joined a few other games got dc’ed and now i cant access any realms. wtf ?


did you by any chance use a VPN?

Can also try to run as admin and all that jazz

I was playing today and i had to restart my pc after doing so i was stuck on checking version and battlenet not responding , after trying to connect using mobile phone data hotspot it says CD-KEY IS USED BY *** - me WTF IS GOING ON.

good luck sir there is tons of people with the exact issue including myself and its blaming “vpn” use even if it wasnt the case jus enjoy your ban and welcome to blizzard customer satisfaction.

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great meanwhile bots are allover the server grinding for better items…
in games of 7 doing baal runs,while you cant even trade properly and get bans…
there are 93% bots in blizzard battle net , but i think thay are letting them be there becose thay make the servers active…

Upvoted. Seem to be the case for me.