Diablo 2 - can’t connect.. checking version

I believe I got temp ip banned yesterday for changing games to fast. It’s been over like 24 hours now and still can’t connect on multiple keys / two diff pcs. Idk what to do

I just downloaded the game from a new laptop and on a new network from when I originally go the game 10+ years ago. The same battle net response was happening, I tried all the fixes under the sun that it could be. Finally reached out to Blizzard they said I had an IP ban for 2 weeks and couldn’t tell me about it but to try again on April 14, 2020.

How could I have an IP ban for 2 weeks when I haven’t even played the game??

A 14 day restriction is usually due to VPN usage, which unfortunately was a tool used by chat spam bots a few years back to dodge restrictions. The blanket fix for the spam problem was of course to restrict any connections that were routed through a VPN. If you do use a VPN client, make absolutely sure that it’s turned off before playing Diablo 2.

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No business isp, either.

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i got a ban for a cd that i own that someone else claimed on bn their bans are bs if they dont supply feedback i can show proof of ownership which they never asked for before assuming i was bootlegging

time to start filing complaints with the better business burea