Diablo 2 1.14D crashes everytime i equip paladin's targe

Help please. I want to use Targe but i just cant. everytime i equip it the game just crashes

Thats hilarious.

Maybe it’s too good? Have you tried another targe? Maybe your item file has just this one bit about targe missing a dot or something

No gonna lie…

I laughed, too.

is it in single player w/ hacked stats? This can cause issues.

if multi player try xfering item and s/e game, try equip on diff char. if item REALLY GOOD let me try to use it :stuck_out_tongue:

No, everything is normal, Im just trying to play an ordinary diablo 2

When with friends, how ought I to pronounce “targe”?
is it pronounced as:

  • tahrrr-jah
  • tar-chuh
  • tar-guh

This has been bothering me for years.


How does everyone pronounce the acronym for Battle Orders (BO)?
I say “bow”

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hands AtomicPunk some de-odorant while pinching his nose

I guess I never really say it, I just type BO. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hahaha when I was on Discord and I heard be-oh for the first time I was really confused, but then I was like…

Wait a second, you don’t say each word in your head when you type them out?

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Guy1: OK DJ, cast BO!!
DJ: raises arms and shouts
stampede ensues as everyone leaves room

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Does everyone pronounce bardiche properly? I looked it up a few years ago and found out I had been pronouncing it very wrong and had to correct myself.

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I believe it’s “bar-deesh” or “bar-deech”

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