Diablo 1 Original for Consoles Remastered?

I really Miss the original game of Diablo 1 and no not Diablo immortals. But Where it all began the Original Game. Yes it had flaws like placing all your loot next to the Old Farm house next to town hall. But the original Iconic music and the bitterly old graphics was where the love came from.

Perhaps a remastered version could incorporate Diablo 3 style graphics and a way better stash. But based on how small in size the game was like 3 MB lol. I’m sure that updating it would be worth it even to a 2GB install. I won’t touch Diablo immortals I hate micro transactions. But part of the old games was playing for it once and playing it to your heart’s content. Also my OCD kicks in on my PS5 and wishing I could do a Diablo Marathon starting at D1 to D3 preparing me for being excited for D4. Just an idea, feedback is welcome just be kind. Thanks!