Diablo 1 Hero Uber Tristram Challenge

I have had this idea of playing Ubers with using only gear that drops in Diablo 1, so finally after finding all the gear and contemplating what I was gonna do, we finally got it done! It’s an 8 episode mini series I just finished up and I hope you all enjoy! Cheers!

Episode 1: The Sister of Jazreth

What could go wrong with a sorc run with no conviction or lower resist? Lots this one was pretty tough

Episode 2: The Unholy son of King Leoric

Here we take a severely under geared Necro into the depths, No Merc, No Auras, nothing but the skills we get from levels, shows how powerful the summon necro really is with no gear.

Episode 3: The Mother of Natalya

Kick Assassin’s don’t need much and this is proof here, Kick sins are some of the most godly uber characters there are.

Episode 4: The Warrior of Scosglen

Taking a rabies druid into Uber Tristram was very difficult, at times felt impossible, but with a will there is a way.

Episode 5: Lost Barbarian of Tristram

Frenzy Barbs are also great at Ubers, even with swords that are not the best, he breezes through ubers like a hot knife through butter.

Episode 6: The Holy Monk

Probably my favorite episode out of the bunch, Smiting with the buckler you have at the start of the game was just classic, Smiters are OP

Episode 7: Hero of the Sightless Eye

Windforce Zon vs Uber Trist, not much more needs to be said, one of the most challenging runs I have ever done, and will never do again, Bowzons in Ubers just a bad idea

Episode 8: Bonus Extra Items

Here we just go over the extra items I didn’t use in this challenge from Diablo 1 and take a handful of them down into ubers to check out, some work great, others… so not much

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