DI Recruit a Friend task completion deadline is misleading

In the recruit a friend event rules item two reads:
“Tasks can be completed and rewards earned until December 06, 2022”
My third recruited friend just hit 60 about an hour ago. I am unable to claim the final task for the last ten points to obtain the final reward. The character is still showing as level 53 and not 60 in the recruited friends area.
Yes the event ended 11/09/2022 at 3:00am server time. However, as the rules are written; one is lead to believe only the recruitment portion has ended, and those having already been recruited are able to continue progressing.
It is a “task” for three of my recruited friends to reach level 60. Why then am I unable to collect on this completed “task” when the third recruit has reached 60 prior to December 06, 2022 as stated in the rules?
This is incredibly disappointing. Please allow this progression to continue until December 06, 2022 as it reads in the event rules.


Same as me. And since the last Patch my recruited Friends are not longer shown.