DI game crashes

The PC version (Windows 10) crashes when my toons teleport, enter a raid, get a blessing in Assembly and even when I fish. I log in fine and am able to run around, enter dungeons, owf without issue. I sent two system files in the initial big report.

I have the same issue…
At random the game crashes. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern whatsoever. Sometimes as I join or leave a group, or when I simply click to view something in the codex, shadow clan menu, main menu, etc. This is incredibly frustrating especially when there are timers involved like elder rifts or raids. I have attempted the fixes suggested online, ie adding -w, renaming folder, disabling overlay in discord (I completely close discord as well), running a scan and repair, etc. It still continues at random. Sometimes after a crash when relogging it will crash again on the loading screen. What can I do to fix this??!