Development Update: A Message to the WoW Community

Why isn’t THIS the TOP thread in EVERY Forum?

This is BS and you all know it!!!

“Over the past few weeks since we shared an update, the WoW team has been focused on the immediate future—both for our people and workplace, and what’s next for players too. As a part of that, the entire team came together to ask: What are the biggest things we’re hearing are getting in the way of your fun, and what are the most impactful changes we could make to WoW today to fix that?”

Players could care less about a PTR Release. WE care about what is happening at the highest levels of WoW. Are you removing the trash? Are you replacing those who have created this issue to begin with?

I’m not WOKE or a #metoo, I am a male, raised to treat females with DIGNITY and RESPECT!!!
THAT is what WE, the Players, care about. Until THAT happens you WILL continue to see forums posts such as “Can’t delete my account - Main Thread” . . .