Desktop App Pop-ups

For several days now, each time I open the desktop app I get a pop up telling me what’s new in some game called “call of duty” Now, I’m also getting a popup on the main desktop app that wants me to look at the same game before I can even interact with the “Play” button for the game I actually want to play. I don’t want to be forced to look at and x-out of a call of duty pop-up ad just to play wow. I don’t want a separate window popping up telling me about it either. Its bad enough that game even shows up on the desktop app with no way to permanently remove it.

How can I stop these popups? Should I just open wow directly and stop using the desktop app altogether?

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Seconded, being advertised too about a game I don’t care about each time I open the launcher, or having the flashing icon is a real distraction. There should be an Opt Out feature that turns off the perpetual push to “buy, buy, buy”. I am fine with having other games on the launcher up until the point it makes more it more of a hassle to launch my game.