Demonic Remains Quest: no Pyl Spawn

The quest, “Demonic Remains” is bugged and making it impossible to progress.
The quest says:

  • Complete Challenge Rift 8
  • Kill Chaos Herald Pyl in Challenge Rift 8
    I completed Challenge Rift 8, and so that part of the quest is checked off, but Chaos Herald Pyl is not spawning as the end boss. I have completed it two other times since, hoping he would spawn after a few tries, but he has not. I saw a forum post stating that it is bugged and won’t work above Rift 6, so I defeated Rift 6 again and he still did not spawn as the end boss.

Same issue here. Idk how I am supposed to progress and the game keeps prompting me to do something with items I don’t have


Same here. Told me to collect the remains, did Rifts up to 7 and nothing. Just telling me to put his remains in the item, but I don’t have the remains. Some guides say the next rift you hadn’t completed, some say Rift 6, some 8, some say don’t do too many rifts. Can’t progress to end game content without this quest.


Same here.
I try with rifts 6 and 7. But no Pyl’s Flowing Chaos… Idk if Blizzard has an issue and support for this…


I have also not received the remains and cannot progress.

really hope we can get a fix on this. I am also having the same issue

Mine one is rift3 and I cleared 3-7 but no Pyl spawned. So frustrating…

Exactly same issue - no remains to collect and tried ever higher challenge rifts in hope it would respawn.

Every time I go to tree Rayek say’s “That’s it seal it in the helliquary” - sadly no can do.

Is there an ability to abandon quests, go back a step - or will Blizz need to do something manual for those who are affected?

Kind of a big deal given the Helliquary is a major part of the game


Same here. Pyl wont drop it
Killed him in a solo/party/random several times… But still dint get the drop


Same issue , cant get this item, lvl is already 45 )

I have the same problem please fix this

Same problem here. Really frustrating. i assume that the quest is required for Lassal? :confused:

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same problem.
killed Chaos Herald Pyl in rift 7 as requested but no drop, no scoria no remains.
Now I have no rest and no scoria I have 2 quests : a grenn one , upgrade helliquary to level 3 and store Chaos Herald Pyl rest in it as yellow quest.
But no scoria that I can give to the carshi to upgrade to Hellfire Scoria, no Pyl rests none at all.


Same issue here , followed all the guides and still no drops or even pyl to kill anymore

Same. I’m already level 46 with no access to the Helliquary. It’s impossible to contact a real person or put in a ticket for help. So here we all are in this forum wondering what to do. Lame.

Same here…

At least an option to restart the quest so we can try again would be helpful

Same here did it solo, with groups
Many times, nothing dropped… stuck in this quest and weak lvl 49

Of course, but you know blizzard…

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same issue, it tells me to kill Pyl in challenge rift 8 but he never spawns so I’m not sure what to do.

edit: nevermind finally I solo’d it on rift 8 and pyl spawned and I got him. Try refreshing your quests and make it your tracked one then keep doing 8.

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I’m also stuck on this quest because Pyl doesn’t drop his head to deposit and continue, I’ve killed him about 5 more times and nothing.

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