Demon Hunter OP, needs balancing

Demon hunter is overpowered, too much range, speed and power.

just died by in 2 hits, and i got over 50k hp, needs to be fixed immediately, its an urgent issue

Needs to be fixed, please look into that and balance it ASAP.

What character are you using? Do you have a cheat death ability or an ability that grants a shield? DH is the bane of my existence in PVP and I play Barbarian. The range is a killer and if they have high resistance your stuns won’t work. A well built DH will crush in PVP, but so will all of the classes. The balance in the game may be a different class of character. When you enter PVP party up with others to share any stat bonuses you can. That will help. Don’t try to be a hero and go alone unless you are OP or have a phoenix gem.

Again, this is not the general forum.

This is the bug forum.

Please stop posting your desired needs in the bug forum.

yes overpowered characted insane damage and insane skills can be considered as a bug.

it needs to be fixed immediately

i guess demon hunter is indeed in a need of fix, here’s 2 examples of where demon hunter will be way more op than other classes -

  1. if everyone’s new to the game (and you saw that on the leaderboard during the very first days of the game)
  2. if demon hunter is a whale and going against nonwhales, it will work way better than being any other class since you will kill faster than other classes, and will be unkillable due to being unreachable, yes as a whale all other classes still have some risk of death, even barbarian may end up being followed if he was reckless

these 2 dh benefits make this class very good independent pvp class which will carry peeps despite lack of gravity field,pulls&engages, more than other classes, for majority of players,

another thing is that demon hunters are likely to outdamage other classes during shadow war against an immortal which is controlled by the player & immortal(shadow clan leader)player is walking all around the whole map to survive for longer, and not just slightly outdamage but by a whole lot

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