Deleted NA friendlist and Imported EU friendlist=


I was logged in on my NA WOW account and suddenly I got 50 Battle.Net notification sounds, my entire NA friendlist got deleted and it imported my EU friendlist. Note that I hadn’t logged on my EU Battle.Net in well over a years.

It’s quite annoying as I talked to the chat support and there is nothing they can do. I am going to have to add everyone manually, but it’s quite impossible for people I’m not on a common discord sever or in the same guild with.

It’s not the first time that the bad experience of the platform also ruins the In-game experience…

Experiencing the same issue, what seemed to trigger it for me is accepting a friend request in WoW while logged on to NA.
(Same issue EU friend list shows up on NA, NA friendlist unavailable anywhere, not the battle net client or ingame)

Oh nice! Some extra updates, they also changed my Language of communication back and I’m unable to set it back to english.

On top of that there is some payment method that were deleted more than a year ago that are showing up in my payment options.

I wonder what the next meme will be.

I got exaclty the same issue in Heroes of the Storm, hopefully, it will be fixed soon

I am having this exact same issue, first it started with my EU account then I noticed it happening on my NA account as well where the lists like merge together but you cannot cross message or vice versa.

My NA friendlist magically came back around 1AM EST.

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