Defend the Vault Feedback

I know it’s the first time we’ve been able to defend the vault today. Maybe it won’t be so bad once the excitement dies down.

But standing at the entrance waiting for an alert, while spam clicking/tapping enter to try to be one of the people that gets to attempt a defense isn’t particularly enjoyable.

My suggestion would be to make it a queue, where you form a party and sign up to defend. When an alert goes off, the first party signed up gets to defend. Then next alert the second party signed up, and so on. That would make it so we don’t all have to wait at the door the whole time, and so that we aren’t just spam clicking/tapping enter trying to hit it before all the other immortals (and it allows everyone who want’s to participate, so long as there are enough shadows running vaults and getting caught ofc).

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Part of it may just be the low number of shadows. As time goes on, and their number goes up… we might see this disappear.

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I agree that the current system is awful!

  1. It stimulates bot using - a simple AHK script (imagesearch + mouseclick) would be faster than any finger
  2. Dozens of people waste time standing near the entrance for hours without having any idea when they can get in