Deeds LOST after transfering

I just spent the past 8 months on a US West server by accident with me living in US east New york! I have spent over 23k on this game…

PLEASE for the love of god… let me get my DEEDS when xfering over to US EAST!

my character has dropped 12/12/8 %%% down to 0 0 0 %%% !!! this is inhumane!

this has to be addressed. this shouldnt be part of the “OH WELL YOURE TRANSFERRING SOMEWHERE ELSE SON” BS package… cmon guys.

i have put TOO much effort to be converted into a NOTHING. im doing 32% less dmg and i have 32% less HP! INSANE!!!

please address this and help me out. please.

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Hey Nocturnal,

Unfortunately, Deeds of Valor do not transfer with a character. It’s listed as such in the transfer restrictions.

yes but that should NOT be the case. it literally ruins the characters being transferred! this is a completely broken system and should be addressed. ATLEAST allow it for 1 main 1 time…

Yes, but it is the case, and the fact that it will not transfer is made clear prior to your hero being transferred. Just because you do not like a design decision does not mean it’s a bug.

Seeing that it is an intentional design choice, it’s not likely to be addressed due to being “broken”.

I believe it was in a reddit post, back when transfers were made available, where Bliz stated that the Deeds, thus the power it gives, is intended to be tied to the server it is obtained on. Therefore, it does not accompany the character when the character transfers to a new server.

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