Deceptive advertising for preorder bundles?


For the Rise of Shadows expansion, I preordered an 80 pack bundle. I went to a prerelease event and open the cards. I received the one guaranteed golden legendary. At the prerelease event, I also purchased the 50 pack bundle. I did not receive another Golden legendary. In fact, I only opened 1 legendary in the entire 50 packs! The advertisements for both bundles state that they include “a random golden legendary card.” A plain reading of that language means that each preorder bundle includes a guaranteed random golden legendary. So what happened? Why did not receive a second golden legendary? I look to your advertising for the Saviors of Uldum and it includes the same language – each of the 50 and 80 pack bundles explicitly state that the prepurchase includes a random golden legendary. I certainly don’t want to make the same mistake again (and waste 50 bucks).