Dear JSPers, Diabloii.neters, ABers and Discordians

I am asking Blizzard to interact with and pay close attention to the existing D2 player base in regard to how D4 is made. If you agree with this please help get the message to Blizzard. The direction they are going with D4 is six skills, cool downs and garbage affix (demon, angelic and immortal energy affixes) based gear with the same pencil crayon on construction paper art work.


Agreed, we should also have some say on how the game transpires… Although with how inactive this forum is outside upcoming ladder resets, I don’t know how much good it would do… However if a sticky is added, it may spark some interest, who knows?


I tried reading that thread but the D3 fanboys making me cringe too hard

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They call the D3 passive skills “talents” in D4. Then they took the D3 skill system and added skill points, which is pretty much copying Torchlight 2. And the gear is the same pencil crayon on construction paper crap.

No creativity is going into the game, they are just copying other things from other games. They’ve even copied the PoE “stun” animation, as well as the PoE ground slam. The dark skinned male barbarian is the PoE marauder. The game has WoW mounts with fancy dismounts, open world, and en masse boss fights.

In D4 players will be putting more thought into their character’s gender, race and hairstyle than they will in their skills. This is only a diablo game in name.

Very shameful.

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No blizzard north= Garbage product no matter how you slice it d1and d2 are the only REAL diablo games nothing will ever surpass them


I agree with you but are you not interested in a sticky in this forum to address to the D4 dev team specifically how make a great Diablo game based on your love for D2?

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I agree, and would also like to see such a sticky here, to encourage input from loyal D2/LOD players/customers. Good idea.

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I think Diablo 4 needs to have the general idea of difficulty that Diablo 2 held dear, keep it a difficult game to the average Joe. I’m tired of Diablo 3 getting easier and easier because of all of the crybaby whiners complaining that X build didn’t get buffed while Y build did. It’s a ratcheting processes, X build gets buffed, Y build users whine… Next time Y build gets buffed better than X build, then the X build users whine… Rinse and repeat… It’s a big QQ fest, Blizzard seems to keep drinking the whiners tears of Kulle-Aid and letting the power creep spread like wildfire.

Balance changes? SURE!!! Buffs AND NERFS to keep ALL classes BALANCED, but no more ratcheting up the power creep sky high.

It’s one reason that I still play Diablo 2 and actually MISS vanilla Diablo 3, because it was DIFFICULT! It was a pain in the rear to play Inferno!.. But I enjoyed it.

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Can you folks think of any group I missed in this comment?