Dear blizzard thank you

I hope your company fails, you’ve proven the gaming community how much you have your stuff together. With the failure of Diablo immortal mobile, going all the way to the recent ddos to your servers I’m happy to say thank you. For making me as an old time fan realize how you as a gaming company have failed to understand your own fans. Thank you……


dear blizzard thank u

To be completely honest… Over Watch has gone to the trash with the banning of characters. Nothing is balanced or will be balanced with this game. The people who are top 500 will remain top 500 or in that area because the Season Ranking system is broken.

Placements are pointless… for example: I demolished people as a DPS average of 40 kills during my placements and I got gold. Literally carrying the team to win and I get gold. For real Blizzard??? Broken!