Dear Blizzard. MMR? FOR SC2

I play teams. 3v3 mostly. over half the players are silver, gold or plat with low mmr but there highest ranking in teams is friggin masters. Most of the players are diamond or masters or high plat, but they dont switch to teams until they’ve hit diamond or masters in 1v1. this has resulted in a gold level mmr with an average diamond level skill level, so you will loose to a silver with 2200 mmr who has achieved masters in the past. its pretty much impossible to move up in rank in teams without having a tleast 2-3 team members. How about if they have achieved masters before you match make them at 3200 minimum? Ive literally never gotten above plat 1 but constantly play diamond and masters in teams. if you manage to win against the team of plat/diomond/masters you gain like 12 mmr but then you get crushed by a silver with 2200 who has achieved masters and you loos 40 mmr. Its bad enough teams is where high levels go to screw off or that they are half spoof accounts. Its allready pretty random because one of the three players will leave at first sign of trouble or just get dropped but regardless of your mmr you will vs an average skill level of plat one/diomond 3 and almost ALL of them have achieved masters. ill loose a game to a gols, silver or palt, check thier profile and sure enough masters every time.

Again, if someone’s account has friggin masters across the board, or high diamond how about there match making starts at 3.200? it will STILL make me vs them anyways but atleast i wont loose 40 mmr every loss and only ever get like 12 for wins.

Not API related.