Data Protection Notice and FAQ

So, does this only apply to data directly crawled via the profile APIs (/profile/wow/character/{realmSlug}/{characterName}/…) or do we also have to check each individual character which is contained in data from the game data APIs (e.g. /data/wow/leaderboard/hall-of-fame/{raid}/{faction}), if we choose to historize this data? This question has not been answered yet.

@Anadio: I think it’s safe to say that if you have any data about a single character, that data is expected to be deleted from your database when the status endpoint for that character indicates they were forgotten (or the ID changed).

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If our only data are player-initiated personal collections, e.g. in our case the player adds their characters to their personal account on our website and pulls Armory data to generate a mount collection for their own use, is refreshing/deleting the data really necessary? The data are entirely in the player’s control already. We don’t even have top collector lists - the only way someone else would see their collection is if the player deliberately gave them a link.


Is it necessary for us to use the status endpoint if we are planning on refreshing each of the individual endpoints anyway? i.e., if we get a valid response on each individual endpoint we have ever called for a character, is it safe to assume that equals a valid status for that character? Currently I’m always calling status as well but it sounds like maybe I could drop that one.

On FAQ #13 it says:

So I guess as long as you call the /status once you can fetch all the others for that character, but you must check /status at least once every 30 days.

Edit: I guess in some cases other endpoints might hold cached data so the /status endpoint is more official.

Even if the character isn’t valid, all the main endpoints can still return a result.

Sorry for still questioning this but still waiting on a response and want to make clear what the rules are.

For example:
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That data (as I understand new rules) is forbidden. It’s stale and not queryable via API. Want to be clear there’s an exception (when a character is still public) or this is forbidden.

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