Darn. In East realm, queues are back

No it was not this. There are bots ALL OVER. Furthermore, botters freely discuss their programs and are not shy about sharing links. Lots of botters destroying the game and Blizzard has made it clear that their position is “that’s ok”. I really hope one day Blizzard comes in and bans botters but it seems unlikely with their record lately.

HCLE hell public games list is almost entirely bot hosted games being followed by more bots. Bots being followed by bots.

Bots make money… these guys probably found a way to pay for the ability to bot so long as they pay Blizzard then it’s “working as intended”…

Darn. Almost a day later and a perfect day for playing with family and with friends and the queue is about 1700. Sigh. I ought not to complain as this is a legacy game as well as family, friends, and I have played it since Diablo 1 came out. That is a heck of a lot of years of playing and having fun.

I feel bad for new players who have been bitten by their friends describing their nostalgia and play styles. The new generation of d2 gamers may be the ones getting the short end of the stick.

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I logged on around 3 a.m. (useast) this morning and there were no queues at all. I’m not sure if this means bots are causing it or not, since all those bot cbaal games were still going.

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2297 que on East at the moment for me.


On East HCL, 1700 this morning. Time to make a huge pot of coffee. :coffee:

Can we get a reply from Blizzard on this? Come on!

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Stupid Ques, instead of doing MF runs on HCEast ladder, been doing long level up runs. Lost my 87 Necro. Like an idiot, went across a log in act 3 and skeles got stuck on other side. Got swarmed by those little knife guys and the log had a single one on it and I couldnt get back across while just 1 skele fought it and the rest stood behind him and cheered for him I guess. Meanwhile I was stuck on the bridge by that one guy and the swarm on the other end. Got disappointed, and said screw it I am doing MF runs in Hell. Switched to my 77 MF find sorc, ran Mausoleum, then decided to do pit. Debated on TPing into another area (which should of told me not too as I debated it) and when I did, I appeared in a group of mana drainers, with a fast boss swarm. Couldnt TP out, or cast and died. Both totally my fault for stupid mistakes, but I am blaming the que anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think I’ve bought it about four or five times now. I lost the CDs man. Or the keys. Often the keys were taped on the CD cases. And then there’s the matter of my current computer lacking a CD drive. This game’s been out for twenty years and combined with my terrible lack of organization, that gave me a lot of time to lose stuff.

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Well, to be fair, you can’t really install it with a CD now anyways. But if you buy the game, and you tie it to your Blizzard account, you can always use the CD key provided.

The game queues are caused by Sending an invalid game creation request but it still creates the game. Blizzard needs to wake up and fix this… Like anytime now Blue…

I’m a member of D2 fan page on Facebook (it accepts botters and non cheaters and everyone is supposed to be respectful which is annoying cause I think botters are trash and ruining the experience). Anyway, someone posted a pick of que of 1,114,484 or something crazy like that.

The comments suggest that this guy got a 3 week ban for botting, but the guy says he logged in and out of his account with too many cd keys too quickly (which isn’t against the rules afaik). So maybe some botters sometimes do get banned?

If that is true, why such friendly ban to botters? They botted the crap out of the game to get great gear and after 3 weeks of being banned they get to come back and keep that gear and exp that a computer program found them?

Bnet is a mess and I’m just not super interested in Pluggy. Maybe I’ll just give PoE another chance. D4 looks like D3 so maybe it’d be wise to get more acclimated with PoE since it doesn’t look like Blizz plans for D2 players to be at home w D4. It looks to me like Blizz wants WoW players to enjoy Diablo 4, it looks like what I would imagine WoW would be if you made it isometric and more action oriented; not good.