D4 - is there a refund option for this?

Paid for the D4 early access, can’t log back in after being DC’ed while in game. I paid for access to play, not access to sit in a 10 to 120 minute queue just to be told an error occurred and I cannot log back in. I close out of game, close out of the desktop Bnet app; relaunch and get a new queue time and the same, sad, end result. Very, very frustrated. I only have limited time to play since this is a 3 day perk I paid for that is not worth my money or my time. Can I get a refund?


I guess they charge us for waiting on their bad service, we should be compensated at least for the money, time and effort.

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its beta test not early access nub


This forum is for feedback about the beta version of the Battlenet Launcher.

If you want to talk about Diablo IV, try this…


Its a beta test…the whole reason they do this is to fig out issues. My god. We are all frustrated but your being ridiculous.

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The way I see it, you paid for the game itself which releases on June 6th. Yes beta access was part of that, but realistically its not what you’re paying for.
I get it’s frustrating, but Its not the end of the world, you’ll still get to play the game, and you’ve helped iron out the issues before launch. Refunding just means you won’t get to play the game at all so maybe just take a breath and accept that sometimes, bad things happen

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