D2R wont load cant post anywhere else on forums

Wow I sure called this one, after bashing this game because IT WILL BE HACKED I thought I would play it for fun and can’t even play it. Im currently on hold with Visa to complain about blizzard and its fraud tactics

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cant post anywhere else on forums

False, unless you recently got suspended again. You posted today on the D2R forums. I will also note, you did not post anything about technical issues starting or playing the game.

And no, it has not been hacked. Tech issues on launch day, yes. Hacked, no.

If you don’t want to sort out any tech issues you are having, or wait for the servers to resolve their own tech issues that is up to you. Tech issues on launch day are not fraud though.

The first step in getting a refund is to ask the vendor - in this case Blizzard. I have told you, and others, how to do that many many times.

Direct link Contact Support - Blizzard Support

P.S. Other than the two server down maintenance sessions and rollbacks I have not had issues playing. No, nobody gets ‘special access’ or special servers. We all deal with the same game.

People able to play now and not eveyone is blizzards way of making the game unfair yet again and supporting cheating and shady business practices. If they cared about making this game fair the servers would be shut down until everyone can play. Visa will be informed of this company being a fraud because they purposely made their game unfair by allowing the race to continue when some people were not able to start.

There is no race. This is not a competitive game.

Ladder, a non competitive event with no rewards except pride of getting to 99 first, has not started and won’t start until the servers are working correctly.

The PvP in this game is completely competitive, this is nothing but a competitive game, if it wasn’t then there would be no PvP.