D2R Sudden FPS drop or Stutter in specific areas

Hi. This is my concern. I’ve been playing the local mode of the game since it released, and haven’t had any problem at all. My pc can run it with the max graphics and it’s perfect.
The thing is, even in RETRO mode, when I walk through certain areas (mostly indoors) the game has a mini drop, and then continues. And it is specific of that spot of the map. If I walk back to that place, it happens the same when I step on it. I have a lot of this drops at the Monasterium.
I’ ve tried lowering everything to minimum, even playing retro, and it still happens.
Anyone else has this issue?

hi, i have the exact same issue.
it’s happening only in certain areas, like worldostone keep lvl 1,2

Hey there, I’m having the exact same issue as well. Have you found a solution?

Hi guys thanks for the reply

Actually, I haven’t. Is it a matter of bad optimization? I realized that this issue occurs whenever you get close to a gate to another area. So…it’s as if it is loading the next area to come right? I hope they fix this soon.

y exactly this… i havent found a solution yet…

what is this kind of error? The last 2 days I am receiving the same error code…?

Yes today the game is unplayable offline and online , stutters then goes into long long wait times . the game crashed on both off and online.